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Figure 4. The ancient Egyptian common (short) cubit and its digit division
(all measures in inches)


    • 1. BB2C is another reverse image of 3.4.5 triangle ABC and it creates rectangle ABB2C.
    • 2. A "4" proportion square is drawn on BB2.
    • 3. The "4" square crosses the bottom of the "5" square at R.
    • 4. A vertical line is drawn from A to O on the base of the "5" square.
    • 5. A line is drawn from A to J and a vertical line extends downwards from J to P on the base of the "5" square.


    • 1. AJ and OP are 1.4 inches each. AO and JP are 7.4 inches each.
    • 2. Rectangle AJPOA is 17.6 inches, the common cubit.
    • 3. SO is 11/15 inch (0.7333 ...) and exactly 1/24th of rectangle AJPOA 17.6 inches. The common cubit had 24 digit divisions.
    • 4. Of related interest is the fact that a mile is composed of 1760 yards and the base perimeter of the Great Pyramid is 1760 royal cubits.


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