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Figure 5. The Greek foot
(all measures in inches)


    • 1. DF is the remen of 14 7/12 inches. G is the middle of DF.
    • 2. GH is created by drawing a line at right angles to DF. H is on the same plane as FE.
      Triangle GHF is yet another 3.4.5 proportion triangle.


    • 1. GH is 9 26/36 inches which is equivalent to ten Roman inches (uncia), that is, 10/12ths of a Roman foot. An uncia was, accordingly, 35/36 (British imperial) inch. The Roman foot also had 16 digit divisions; this digit was the same length as the remen digit: 35/48 inch.
    • 2. FH is 5/3 times GF 7 7/24 inches and, accordingly, 12 11/72 (12.152777 ...) inches, the Greek foot. The Greek foot was equivalent to 12.5 Roman uncia - the known 25:24 ratio between the Greek foot (FH) and the Roman foot (DE) is thus clearly visible in the above diagram.


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