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A world measure

Amongst other things it is going to be demonstrated in this analysis that at least one ancient Egyptian realised the world was spherical - almost certainly deduced from viewings of lunar eclipses - and devised a measure for the planet: 24,857 21/22 miles (24,857.95454 ... as it will appear on the face of a calculator), less than two miles different from the contemporary polar circumference of 24,859.82 miles or about 40,007 kilometres. The measure was one of the greatest secrets of certain Mystery schools that flourished in antiquity. Recall the conversion of the Greek cubit measure to 24.85795454 ... (24 151/176) common cubit digits in Figure 7, Outcomes, point 4.

The measure of the world was devised by the inversion of pi 22/7 and dimidiating (halving) 7/22 seven times. Note the use of seven again. The outcome, 7/2816, or 0.002485795454 ... was simply multiplied by ten million (a number for which there is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph). It is shown in this document - many times over in NADIAE - that some brilliant ancient Egyptian designers recorded the number for posterity in architecture and in land layout. Here in the shortest possible manner is the proof.


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