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1.    Dr Timothy Kendall, formerly of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, in a publication entitled The Egyptian Royal Cubit (published 1982), has described a measure called the "forearm" which was equivalent to 16 of the remen's 20 digit divisions. This 16 digit measure would have been an early manifestation of the Roman foot (Zupko, p. 6; Klein, p, 71; Petrie, MW p. 5). Kendall's data on ancient Egyptian measure was obtained from:

    • Scott, N. Egyptian Cubit Rods. Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1. (1942) N.Y. pp. 70Ñ5.
    • Skinner, F. Weights and Measures: Their Ancient Origins and their Development in Great Britain up to AD 1855. London. 1967.

2.    Piazzi Smyth, C. Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid. W. Ibister & Co. London. 1874. p. 61.

3.    For those interested in the Henri. Stephanus version of the Atlantis material in Critias, his three volume work Platonis Opera (published 1578) may be found in the Rare Book section of significant State or National Libraries. The race-track reference in both Latin and Greek is on page 117 of Volume 3.

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